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We offer complex solutions in industrial automation. We can provide you with either a ready-made solution for automation of the most common processes or create a specific solution for your business.

Our Team

Problem analysis

First of all, one of our top-notched experts analyses your production pipeline and offers you the automation solution.

Solution selection

We offer you many solutions based on your requirements and restrictions like budget, space, time of construction. You select the right one.


In the end, our expert team implements each part of the selected solution. This includes hardware realization of required components.

Services We Do

What We Do

Machine vision

Make your sorting automated - save the time of your employees to the meaningful work.

Problem analysis

Let your engineers offer you the best solution for processes deployed in your plant.

Hardware construction

We have a team of highly skilled people that can help you implement your solution.

Monitoring software

Our software engineers are specialists in implementing reliable and user-friendly interfaces.